Armored Toyota Land Cruiser

B6 armored Toyota Land Cruiser

B6 armored Toyota Land Cruiser

B6-gepanzerter / armored Toyota Land Cruiser

PDF: Toyota Land Cruiser B6 armored ASG

Due to it’s outstanding reliability under the most demanding conditions and it’s common appearance the Toyota Land Cruiser is ideal for your low profile, personal safety while on or off the road.

It offers a very good balance of protection, reliability, comfort and value.

The B6 armor protects you and your family or clients against the typical threats like gun fire and assault rifle fire up to 7,62mm x 51, that includes Kalashnikov, M16, HK G3, FN FAL, some sniper rifle calibers and machine guns like M60 and MG3, and covers most of the Russian / Chinese type machine guns.

Further more it protects you against hand grenades, anti-personnel mines and, to a limited extend, against blast and shrapnel of road side bombs/IED’s.

We offer this exceptional vehicle for a very competitive price.

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